On 10 June 2017, Marvel released the trailer for the Black Panther movie which is set to be released on 16 February 2018. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the Afrikan fantasy country of Wakanda.

Marvel's Black Panther Trailer.

We spotted five things from the Black Panther movie trailer that make reference to and/or are inspired by Afrika.

1. Mosi oa Tunya (Zimbabwe & Zambia)

Mosi oa Tunya Black Panther

The Wakanda Waterfalls seem to be a direct reference and inspired by Mosi oa Tunya on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. What sucks though is they didn't film the actual Mosi oa Tunya but rather the Iguazú Waterfalls in Argentina 😑!

2. Timbuktu (Mali)

Timbuktu Mali Black Panther

Although some might argue it's debatable, if you look closely during this scene you will pick up that the architecture is inspired by that found in Timbuktu, Mali.

3. Ndebele Architecture (South Africa)

Ndebele Architecture Black Panther iAfrikan

This one is straight forward. The paintings on the house in this scene are similar to those found on the Ndebele people's houses in South Africa.

4. Surma And Mursi Lip Plates (Ethiopia)

Surma And Mursi Lip Plates iAfrikan Black Panther

Although typically found on women in both the Surma and Mursi people of Ethiopia, in this scene the directors took some creative liberty and had a lip plate on a man.

5. Seanamarena Blankets (Lesotho)

Seanamarena Lesotho Black Panther iAfrikan

Although not an original creation of the Basotho people, but rather <a href="http://maliba-lodge.com/blanketwrap/2010/lesotho-stories/the-history-of-the-basotho-traditional-blanket/" target+"_blank">introduced to Lesotho by missionaries sometime in the 1800s, the Seanamarena blankets have become synonymous with Sesotho culture.

Since the Black Panther trailer was released earlier in June 2017, there has been a lot of debate about whether it is cultural appropriation, or whether it is truly representative of Afrika. I am just happy we are seeing more Afrika focussed Science Fiction.

Did I miss any references in the trailer?

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