All the agile frameworks and methodologies out there suggests that we do not need documentation or management, as collaboration and self-organisation fixes everything.

Although fundamentally there are nothing wrong with these statements it is only really possible if you are working with a very mature team. This includes emotional IQ and very experienced and skilled people and you have been doing agile for some time.

You can get immediate benefit from working with aspects of agile while you are working to maturing your agile delivery approach and the constraints you will have to overcome.

So while we are climbing the agile maturity ladder and making sure we hire the right skills and send people on tons of personal development courses, we need some training wheels. We also need to know how we progressing while we maturing our agile implementation, both from an agile adoption perspective as well as from a delivery perspective.

Outside of this, in large enterprises, there is a need for reporting and for technology consulting companies there is a need to know if you can invoice and if you are minimizing your risks. We also need to know if we are improving as an organization while adopting agile.

Are you keen to put agile metrics in place to measure your progress on an agile adoption and also be able to effectively report to stakeholders, management, and clients on delivery?


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