Uber South Africa cars fitted with the Thumbzup POS (Point Of Sale device) are now available in South Africa allowing Uber customers to pay for their rides using their credit or debit cards.

The partnership between Uber South Africa and Thumbzup was announced towards the end of April 2017.

![Uber South Africa Thumbzup](/content/images/2017/05/IMG_20170529_145138.png)

What makes this particularly interesting is that none of Uber's competitors in South Africa, at the time of publishing, offered the POS payment option gor their customers.

Thumbzup is a South African FinTech startup that sells POS devices to bisinesses so they can allow their customers to make debit and credit card payments. The company was founded by Stafford Masie who has previously served as Country Manager for Novell and Google in South Africa.

The introduction of in-ride card payments adds to the already available methods available for Uber rides in South Africa such as cash and Paypal.

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