One of the best ways to learn the agile methodology is through a blended learning approach.

This is an approach where you cover the basics of the theory to gain insights into the subject matter, but you have further practical implementation exercises to embed the knowledge and while doing the practical implementation you have access to a mentor to guide you through the process.

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Enroll at Agileware University and learn the agile methodology in the best way possible!

Agileware University uses this proven blended learning method to teach the agile methodology.

A specialist trainer that is a practitioner in the industry and thus a subject matter expert on the course will be assigned as a mentor for the specific course that you choose to enroll at Agileware University.

Each lesson within the short course will have a practical assignment that needs to be completed in order to pass the lesson. Lesson assignments need to be submitted with each lesson in order to progress to the next lesson.

An overall practical assignment will be given to students that needs to be implemented in a real-world environment, like a workplace, college, university or school.

All practical assignments will have to be handed in a couple of weeks post the lessons is started and will be reviewed and scored with the course mentor / trainer.

During the weeks leading up to assignment due dates, online mentor sessions will be available during which students can receive input and guidance from the course mentor to facilitate further learning.

This article is brought to you by Agileware University, their training is focused on making making agile and technology practical.

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