Some of South Africa's innovative technology and digital businesses such as Khonology, SweepSouth, BrandsEye and I-Pay, have been shortlisted among the finalists for <a" target="_blank">FNB South Africa's Business Innovation Awards for 2017.

The winner of the FNB Business Innovation Awards will be announced on the 8th June 2017.

The South African bank has said that their Business Innovation Awards are aimed at "businesses that are able to demonstrate real innovation that has the potential to change the way an industry operates both locally and internationally".
Added to that, another set of criteria is that the businesses must be founder-led, exhibit high-growth potential and have the capacity to add substantial economic value by means of job creation.

FNB Business Innovation Awards 2017 Finalists

  • ArcAqua – A cutting edge food security company with a global vision to eliminate all food wastage by using ozone technology.

  • BrandsEye – An opinion mining company that uses search algorithms, crowd-sourcing and machine learning to mine online conversation for accurate assessment.

  • ITSI Holdings – Brings the future of education to schools, delivering an exceptional, tailored education experience to any teacher and any student, with any content, anytime.

  • Sea Monster – Creates engaging content and experiences, using animation, games and immersive technologies, to inspire change in behavior and attitude that drives education and business outcomes.

  • Khonology – Offers African youth and businesses the models and tools they need to accelerate their digital transformation in a sustainable and empowering manner.

  • SweepSouth – This is South Africa’s first online platform for booking, managing and paying for home cleaning from a smart device.

  • Hello Paisa – Empowers migrants with safe, legal ways to send money to their families in their home countries.

  • Lulalend – Applies cutting-edge technological development and automated application to provide fast online short-term business funding.

  • ThisIsMe – Uses advanced multipoint identity verification and enhanced due diligence to reduce fraud and ensure a seamless, on-demand FICA process for businesses and consumers.

  • I-Pay – An exciting new online gateway that allows instant payment for both buyers and merchants on all smart mobile and desktop devices.

  • Retail Engage – Offers unique second-tier retail rewards marketing solutions that connects brands to a subscription base of mass-market consumers.

  • Wyzetalk – A leading employee engagement platform for emerging markets, their patented technology enables large organisations to engage with their entire employee base.

The finalists were selected by FNB Business and Endeavor South Africa, an organisation that aims to help High-Impact Entrepreneurs unleash their potential by providing an unravelled network of seasoned business leaders, who provide the key ingredients to entrepreneurial success.

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