Malawi's second largest mobile services provider, Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM), has indicated that it will be spending $30 million to upgrade its 4G network.

In 2016 TNM, which has 3,3 million subscribers, spent $12,78 million on their 4G network to expand coverage of the service in Malawi among other improvements.
"The upgrade aims to improve the agility, speed and stability of our mobile Internet services," it said in a statement.

According to TNM, the main aim behind investing more money on upgrading their networks is so that they can offer better 4G coverage in country's four main cities.

Earlier in April 2017 Malawi Telecommunications, the country's main fixed line operator, had said that starting in June 2017 and ending December 2017 they will be decomissioning their mobile phone services and will not be offering Internet and mobile phone services as they look at other options of upgrading their now outdated network.

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