MTN Rwanda have said that they received an official notification of a fine of $8,5 million from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) for not complying with some of their licensing obligations in the East African country.

MTN Group's subsidiary in Rwanda is said to have not complied with directives issued by RURA prohibiting inclusion of MTN Rwanda in MTN South and East Africa (SEA) IT services hub based in Uganda. MTN does this in order to offer shared IT supported services for coubtry's which it sees as not yet large enough to have their own in-country IT services hub.

Although in a statement released by MTN Rwanda the telecommunications company says that it is studying the official fine notification and that they will continue to engage with regulator,RURA has come out saying that in their engagements with MTN Rwanda officials over several months they agreed that they were in breach of their license obligations.

Although the fine is not as big as the one another MTN subsidiary suffered in Nigeria, it brings into the spotlight how another MTN subsidiary violated the terms of their license which they were aware of beforehand.

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