Advertising as an industry has been revolutionized by the invention of the Internet in too many ways to count, but one of the most interesting trends to emerge is the concept of content marketing. Content marketing is essentially content that generates user interest while also promoting a product. The ability to keep a customer engaged while also selling to them creates a win-win scenario that makes paid advertising look quite silly.

This trend has become so widespread that over 85% of marketers worldwide are using content marketing as a means to increase their sales. This has created a huge demand for content to be created that will both market to and engage the user. Startups have begun to understand that people want content and content marketing costs a whole lot less than any other marketing and are shifting towards this strategy.

It has been found that consumers will engage with an average of 11.4 pieces of content before even making a purchase. Such is the need for information that will fill in holes in a customer’s knowledge and alleviate any worries they might have about making said purchase with new businesses. But not only is the demand for content huge, the demand for paid advertising is dropping dramatically. Around 75% of users will ignore paid ads in their searches and focus on the organic results. People don’t want to be sold to the highest bidder; they want to get the best possible value from their purchase.

Now that startups have realized what it is that customers want most and will respond to, they have greatly increased the amount they budget towards content. The biggest line item on a business’ marketing budget is content marketing, which comes in at around 13%. An additional reason why startups are motivated to use content marketing as a means to reach consumer is it is much cheaper than outbound marketing and generates many more leads. When you as a business are paying 62% less on your marketing efforts, and reaching three times as many leads, you know you have made a great decision.

Another thing that businesses like about content marketing is it is a means to stay at the top of their customers’ minds. Even for the leads you haven’t yet converted there are huge benefits to constantly adding value to their lives which will hopefully result in the eventual conversion. This is why around half of marketers make an effort to put out around two to five pieces of content every week.

As businesses start to catch on to the huge opportunity that is content marketing and modify their marketing strategy, freelancers are capitalizing on this opportunity and increasing their efforts to produce content for these businesses. In the end there is a giant market that has only just begun to be tapped. In a world where information is plentiful, businesses want to make sure they are providing solid value to their clients, while also capitalizing on the brand improvements they can experience at the same time. Because of this, content marketing is the future for any company that wants to remain relevant in this constantly changing business landscape.

Content Marketing

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