The Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland and the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) have financed the development and use of a school management tool and mobile application to be used in the country's schools to capture teacher and learner attendance.

The Smart School System (3S) is an education management tool that captures teacher attendance in real time along with "aggregated attendances for students based on gender, grade and with a special category for orphans and vulnerable children".

Simbarashe Dzinoreva of ADEA, who spoke at the launch of 3S in Mbabane, emphasized that education management tool's ability to enhance the capacity for data collection, management, analysis and communication, in addition to supporting concerted planning at national, regional and school levels was very important.

The tool will be piloted in 55 schools across Swaziland starting on 16 May 2017 with the hope that with a successful pilot 3S will be scaled accross Swaziland and accross Afrika.

It is said that the 3S tool has the ability to work offline too enabling it to be used in remote schools that might have only irregular Internet access. Furthermore, it was highlighted at the launch that the tool is also fraud-proof which would prevent fraudulent entries or altering of entries as was recently witnessed with a education management tool at Uganda's Makerere University.

Cover Image: Official launch in Swaziland of the Smart School System.

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