Over the years, WordPress has established itself as a reliable domain for many businesses. WordPress hosts millions of business and personal sites. For a brand that is just finding its footing, WordPress provides a perfect platform for pitching your website. One obvious advantage is that WordPress is compatible with several marketing strategies. For those with a strong foothold in digital signage, WordPress provides just the perfect dynamic platform. Compared to other digital sign products; WordPress provides a cost effective, open source alternative.

Before delving deeper into details, you might want to know why this form of marketing is fast gaining traction. By using LCD/LED displays rather than physical materials and conventional signs, digital signage comes with several benefits:

  • Add visual appeal to products through use of motion, animations and videos

  • It is convenient without any need to wait for new signs to be printed when one needs to promote a content

  • Cost effective method of displaying larger signs

Take Advantage Of Digital Signage Press

WordPress has several plugins for SEO and other content marketing strategies. When it comes to digital signs, your options are limited. For a digital responsive website, designers must opt for the right plugins. Digital signage Press is one such plugin. Developed using HTML, it works both as a plugin and a theme. For those who have tried it out, you might as well confess that it is the perfect tool for turning an ordinary WordPress site into a throbbing hub for digital signs. Some of the unique features exhibited by this plugin include:

  • Abilities to manage digital signage pages and website in a single installation

  • Complete scheduling of signage pages

  • Provides automatic updates in case of changes in pages

  • Editing tools for designing own templates

  • Abilities to create one’s own slideshows in his template

  • A user-friendly dashboard
    149 ready templates; this saves you the trouble of creating your own designs

  • Abilities to embed various contents like YouTube videos and even tweets. This way, you won’t need to rely entirely on texts and codes.

With such a powerful plugin and theme, one can create lovely digital signs easily displayed on various WordPress sites.

Think Compatibility

For designers creating digital signs for WordPress sites, your imagination should go beyond mobile phones and common display screens. The perfect signage designs are the ones compatible with various devices. This ensures the digitals signs on the WordPress site are viewable on an extensive range of devices like tablets, steles, terminals, videowalls and even consoles. To achieve this, you need the right plugin.

Using an open source digital signage solution ensures that contents therein are resized and re-organised depending on the size of the screen used. This is the only way such contents can fit into multi-device world.


Integrated with digital signs, WordPress sites provide ambient platforms for enhancing brand awareness. However, this only works when the digital designs are compatible to the sites. With a couple of tips from this guide, you can ensure you make the most out of this powerful duo.

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