Telkom South Africa has announced the launch of their new e-Sports company named VS Gaming. The company will be headed by Cambridge Mokantane as CEO.

โ€œTelkom pioneered esports in South Africa, but with its tremendous growth, we realised that it needed to be a stand-alone entity to give it the focus, energy and attention it deserves. This new entity will have the backing of Telkom to further expand esports in South Africa,โ€ said Mokanyane.

Mokanyane is the former Head of Brand at Telkom.

โ€œThis will ensure much needed exposure for our teams and will place us firmly on the global map of e-sports,โ€ said Mokanyane.

This is not the first foray into e-Sports by the South African telecommunications company, Telkom has previously been involved in one of South Africa's more prominent e-Sports leagues, namely the Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL). The DGL tournaments are set to continue as planned for the rest of 2017 with no changes.

MultiChoice's SuperSport, which itself announced the launch of a dedicated e-Sports channel, will be the official broadcast partner.

Mokanyane explained that the partnership with SuperSport will ensure "much needed" exposure for the e-Sports teams and will place everyone involved firmly on the global map of e-Sports.

One of the events that is surely going to attract hundreds of players is the planned football e-tournament at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg from 22-23 July. It is expected to be the largest of its kind in Afrika with Telkom expecting to attract up to 1,000 players to participate in the FIFA 17 tournament.

This move by Telkom is a clear signal that they have identified e-Sports players and fans as a key market segment for their Internet connectivity offerings, specifically their fixed line broadband offerings.

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