Ambatovy, a cobalt and nickel mine in Madagascar, is set to make use of CYBERMINE simulators to improve efficiency of its operations. The CYBERMINE simulation technology is developed by ThoroughTec, s South African technology company that supplies simulation solutions for mining and defence industries.

Madagascar's Ambatovy mine is said to be a world-class nickel and cobalt mine situated 80km from the country’s capital, Antananarivo.

“Most world-class mines globally have added simulators to their training and development programmes and we can now add ourselves to that list,” saod Mason Blum, Mine Training Superintendent at Ambatovy.

CYBERMINE Haul Truck Simulator

ThoroughTec say their CYBERMINE simulators allow for precise training in a safe and controlled environment, preventing unnecessary dangers on the mine site and reducing the frequency of accidents, resulting in competent, productive machine operators. This is done by "concentrating on specific tasks and being continuously monitored, trainee operators receive accelerated training that improves their productivity and eliminates bad habits at the outset" says the South African technology company.

“Investing in this technology will reduce the cost of training over time, especially when it comes to the fuel cost when training operators on the actual equipment.” added Blum.

The Ambatovy mine has received two, latest generation, CYBERMINE training simulators along with containerised 6 degree-of-freedom motion base unit. ThoroughTec say the simulators have been designed to train operators of Caterpillar 777 haul trucks and 6020 excavators.

"Besides our ability to support mining operations in remote locations, our quick development lead-times played a big part in us winning this order and I’m happy to report that we produced and delivered these simulators in impressive time." said Adam Smallman, VP of EMEA and Americas at ThoroughTec.

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