Angola Cables has announced the completion of the marine survey for the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), a 40 Tbps cable - 6,165 km in length - with four fibre pairs that will connect Luanda in Angola to Fortaleza in Brazil.

Each fibre pair is capable of transmitting 100 wavelengths with a bandwidth of 100Gbit/s.

Additionally, cable loading has started on the Angolan side of SACS. When completed, SACS will interconnect with the Monet cable system — connecting the United States and Brazil — and WACS, the West Africa Cable System.

Angola Cables is one of the 12 members of the consortium that manages WACS, a cable system which provides carrier level services to operators in Angola and Sub-Saharan Africa across 11 countries. As a 14,530 km cable running from Yzerfontein (South Africa) to London (UK), WACS has four fibre pairs and includes 14 landing points, 12 along the western coast of Africa (including Cape Verde and the Canary Islands) and two in Europe (Portugal and England).

Angola Cables also runs Angonix, a neutral Internet Exchange Point which interconnects global networks and content providers, and Angonap, a neutral data centre that also serves as the company’s traffic exchange point in Angola, both located in Luanda.

With the marine survey successfully completed, the cable will be deployed in the best route, thus avoiding hazardous points, a crucial factor in ensuring longevity of SACS. Completion of the marine survey means that final manufacturing can be completed and any minor route and/or cable type adjustments can be fine-tuned based on the actual survey findings.

“We have worked closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure the highest possible value of the SACS network for our customers,” said Antonio Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables. “As part of our global connectivity strategy, SACS will offer the first direct, high-capacity southern transatlantic connection.”

“These key milestones illustrate that the SACS cable is on target for completion. Increasingly, customers are turning to the southern transatlantic route for diversification and security. SACS, coupled with Monet and the existing WACS cable, provide unparalleled value for which we are seeing very high demand in the marketplace,” added Artur Mendes, Chief Commercial Officer for Angola Cables.

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