At their annual F8 2017 Developer Conference, Facebook celebrated the achievements and products of Afrikan developers (see highlights of day 1 and day 2).

So far in 2017, Facebook has hosted F8 Meetups accross Afrika in Nairobi, Lagos, and Cape Town.


Facebook's Ime Archibong and some of the Afrikan developers at F8 2017.

โ€œWeโ€™re partnering with many African developers to launch products that not only meet the needs of their local markets, but which are also ready for the world stage,โ€ said Emeka Afigbo, Facebookโ€™s Head of Platform Partnerships for the Middle East and Africa.

Afigbo continued by adding that events like F8 are a perfect opportunity for Facebook to talk about how they work with their developer partners to do more with their platforms.

"As importantly, they are a forum for us to get feedback from our ecosystem and to showcase our partnersโ€™ work to the world.โ€ added Afigbo.

Some of the Afrikan developers / products celebrated and mentioned at F8 2017 are:

  • Truppr, a social fitness startup from Nigeria.

  • Pass.NG, an education startup from Nigeria that helps students practice for their university entrance exams.

  • Asoriba, a Ghanaian start-up that has built software that enables churches to better manage member engagement, donations, and attendance. The company was featured in the Keynote for its work using Facebook Analytics.

  • Rancard, a mobile solutions company based in Ghana. Its Rendezvous, social recommendation system was featured in two sessions at F8.

Cover Image: Mark Zuckerberg meeting with winners of the Africa Innovation Challenge (from Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria) at F8 2017 | Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

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