A report has revealed that Egypt ranks 146th download speeds on its fixed broadband infrastructure, and 95th for mobile Internet download speeds out of 150 countries surveyed by Speedtest.

"Egypt’s average Q3-Q4 2016 fixed broadband download speed was 4.02 Mbps, significantly slower than the country’s average mobile download speed of 7.75 Mbps. While those speeds are slow, they represent increases of 34% and 59%, respectively, over the same period last year." said Speedtest in their Market Report for Egypt.

These download speeds mean that Egypt's fixed broadband was among the slowest in the North African region, only faster than Libya, while its mobile Internet download speed was only faster than Algeria and Sudan.

![Egypt's Fixed Broadband Speeds](/content/images/2017/04/IMG_20170417_105400.png)
Egypt's Fixed Broadband Speeds | Speedtest

One possible reason for the slow fixed broadband Internet download speeds in Egypt is likely a lack of investment in infrastructure. The only company with fixed-line infrastructure, for instance, is Telecom Egypt, which is 80% government-owned. Other telecommunications companies lease capacity from Telecom Egypt, meaning that the country has limited capacity, despite being a key transit point for many Europe-Africa-Asia fiber-optic cables.

The lack of investment in Egypt's fixed-line infrastructure could also be attributed to the unstable political and economic climate in the country over several years, but that situation is changing.

Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in a bid to address the issues around Internet access and infrastructure, updated its eMisr National Broadband Plan in 2014. The plan focuses on the provision of broadband to a large geographical area, increasing the use of services and raising subscriber numbers, as well as reducing the digital divide by providing those in disadvantaged areas with high-speed internet. Added to those focus areas, it also addresses Internet access pricing and seeks to make high-speed Internet more affordable for Egyptians.

"Given Egypt’s slow internet speed on both fixed broadband and mobile, it’s a good thing that the market is newly focusing on improving infrastructure," the report noted.

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