Namibia's Bank Windhoek has launched GoPay - a mobile payment solution that allows customers to pay for fuel with their mobile phones without using cash or cards - in partnership with FinTech company WIZZIT.

![Bank Windhoek GoPay WIZZIT](/content/images/2017/04/IMG_20170413_084240.png)

Bank Windhoek say the GoPay service is available to their cellphone banking customers and at selected participating merchants only.

GoPay will allow customers who use it to match their geographic location with a fuel merchant by entering a unique USSD fuel merchant code. This code will then be printed on lanyards and worn by fuel attendants so customers can make their payment.

There are several benefits of the GoPay mobile fuel payment solution, the most significant of which is how it can allow fleet owners (e.g. taxis, shuttles) to manage their fuel spend by having one centralised account from which to authorise payments.

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