Twitter has announced a new unified API platform for developers. This comes several years after Twitter limited access to its APIs and in the process making its ecosystem of developers angry and indirectly killing many apps in the process.

Twitter has said that their new API platform will allow its "ecosystem of developers and innovators to build solutions using public Twitter data".

"We’re also launching new APIs and endpoints that enable developers to build on the unique attributes of Twitter to create better experiences for businesses."Twitter

There's been widespread concern at the rate which Twitter is growing its active user base compared to other social networks like Facebook, the concern has also been directed at how quickly, or how slowly, Twitter is innovating. Many have attributed Twitter's slower than expected active user growth to it shunning developers through limiting API access thus limiting any new apps developers can build that can serve various use cases and as a result likely assisting the social network onboard new users.

This is something that seems to have motivated Twitter to announce their new API platform and make its roadmap public, "We’re also launching new APIs and endpoints that enable developers to build on the unique attributes of Twitter to create better experiences for businesses."
"Our API platform enables us, through the help of our developer ecosystem, to serve use cases and encourage innovation that leads to a better experience for everyone on Twitter. " Twitter's Andy Piper further added that "Over the years, we’ve seen a wide range of developers build successful solutions — from Sprout Social delivering social media management to over 17,000 brands, to LikeFolio alerting investors to shifts in consumer behavior, to the USGS using Twitter data to track earthquakes, and many more."

Apart from launching the new API platform, Twitter also announced new services to help developers build new products, namely:

  • Data products: Publicly available data from Twitter data can tell you what the world is thinking in real time. It also represents the largest openly searchable corpus of human conversation in history. Businesses rely on this public data to learn what products to build, how to market them, who their customers are, and what people think of their products and services. We’ll be launching new APIs to help developers build products that can unlock new insights for business.

  • Engagement products: Twitter is a business’ live connection to customers. It’s where people come to talk with and about a business — whether for kudos, complaints, or customer service. Increasingly, it’s also where businesses are coming to build the next generation of customer experiences that combine human service and automation. We’ll be launching new APIs so developers can create applications that help businesses harness this opportunity.

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