Telecom Namibia has expanded WiMAX coverage in Namibia to the Luderitz, Ondangu, Impalia, Omusati and Zambezi regions.

The Namibian telecommunications services provider has said that as part of its mission to deploy high-speed Internet access across the country as quickly as possible, it deploys WiMAX wireless technology to complement its current offerings, especially in rural areas that are densely populated.

With these new deployments, the total number of WiMAX base stations in Namibia will go up to 87.

Telecom Namibia is expected to deploy more WiMAX base stations to other rural areas.

Namibia has the Harambee Prosperity Plan which aims to deploy high-speed and reliable telecommunications to underserviced areas in Namibia by 2020 with the target of bridging the digital divide.

The WiMAX telecommunication infrastructure provides voice and data services to schools, clinics, businesses, Government offices and residential customers in rural and semi-rural areas in the regions.

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