MYDAWA, a mobile service to help Kenyans access and purchase quality medication and wellness products online, is set to launch later this month.

One key feature of the service is a unique track and trace mechanism that consumers can use to verify the authenticity of these products from the source while offering convenience and privacy to the consumer.

Consumers can use MYDAWA to purchase authentic medicines, health and wellness products online, and authenticate them by either scanning a QR code using the MYDAWA app, or by sending a code revealed by scratching a panel located on the product seal upon delivery.

Globally, Kenya is seen as a leader in innovation and we aim to harness it in delivering high-quality healthcare products, safely, conveniently and affordably. We chose Kenya for this because the environment here is right. Kenyans are not afraid to tackle problems and adopt solutions that fit their needs. Neil O’Leary, MYDAWA founder

Crucially, the service does not charge any service fees, transaction or delivery costs on top of the cost of the products bought.

The service, a first of its kind globally, has been developed in collaboration with a diverse array of healthcare practitioners, both in the public and private sector. MYDAWA aims to bridge the gaps between healthcare providers and patients, improving quality and cost of care in the long run.

In the run-up to the launch, MYDAWA is carrying out a series of educational workshops with health care professionals Doctors, Clinical Officers, Pharmacists, and Pharmaceutical Technologists.

During a media workshop ahead of the launch, Dr Fred Siyoi of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board explained that innovation is making a huge difference in the distribution of medicines in the country. Services like MYDAWA, he noted, are making the job of distributing medicines easier and adding a layer of security by including the verification option.

Technology, Public Health specialist Dr James Mwanzia added, makes it easier for patients to consult with doctors and other healthcare providers.

"This service is meant to build on efficiencies, not create shortcuts in service delivery", MYDAWA Managing Director Tony Wood said further. As such, the app and other innovations in the healthcare sector will need a robust service delivery ecosystem behind them in order to operate effectively.

MYDAWA will officially be launched on March 28 in Nairobi, and to other counties later in the year.

**Cover Image:** MYDAWA Media Workshop Panel L to R - Dr William Mwatu, *KAPI*, Dr Fred Siyoi, *Pharmacy and Poisons Board*, Tony Wood, *MYDAWA*, James Mwanzia, *Public Health specialist*, Lorna Miima, *Anti-Counterfeit Authority*, Steve Maikweki, *Moderator* Share this via: