South Africa's Black Information Technology Forum (BITF) has said in a statement that it supports South Africa's National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper.

"The BITF is committed to supporting the government in the implementation of the ICT policy and we commit ourselves to working closely with all stakeholders, to define and establish programmes and projects to take this sector and our country forward," part of the statement by the BITF reads.

"Needless to say that in the past there has been a general feeling that the voice of black people was not well represented in such discussions and as a result, black communities in ICT always found themselves responding, rather than contributing to such initiatives,"South Africa's Black IT Forum

South Africa's National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper published in September of 2016 and it aims to address a wide range of ICT policy issues including improving black economic empowerment in the industry.

This statement by the BITF comes after some telecommunications companies and executives in South Africa have offered alternative suggestions to some of the recommendations made in the White Paper with some going as far as stating that implementation of the White Paper will hamper South Africa's economy.

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