Online developer workplace Gebeya and quality assurance, Software Testing and custom Software development company Tezza Business Solutions have signed a partnership agreement that will see the two companies work together to improve IT skills as well as increase the number of software testers and quality assurance in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Tezza opened its first office in Kenya in 2009 to mobilize locally available software development and testing resources to work on outsourced projects from North America. The company has since become a leading Quality Assurance and Software Testing Company in East Africa, providing services to companies within the Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Telecommunication markets.

This partnership comes in the light of continued demand from IT professionals especially when it comes to integration issues with existing legacy systems, as there is no standard regulation and testing certification for software being developed for consumers.

With more advanced skills and training available, organizations can expect better more reliable software benchmarked to international standards. This training also allows developers to create more African user-friendly software developed with the customer needs in hand, adding a β€˜local’ dimension that will assist in encouraging adoption and integration of their products by the market.

"At Gebeya, we pride ourselves in matching skilled and certified IT professionals with corporates in order to develop solutions that equal their needs", CEO Amadou Daffe, said in a statement. "Our partnership with Tezza, a respected industry leader in the areas of quality assurance, Software Testing and Software development, enables us to train and provide our customers with wide range world-class professionals in various areas that have witnessed a shortage in the past who can in turn develop innovative, efficient and scalable technology solutions.”

Tezza Business Solutions on its part will offer quality assurance and testing training services for Gebeya recruits or corporate clients as well as contract Gebeya to provide software development services or talent for projects. The training seeks to enable IT professionals gain knowledge of testing approaches that can be integrated into the software life cycle as well as provide knowledge on how to design functional and useful products.

"Tezza Business Solutions is committed to reducing cost and improve overall quality of applications used by our clients by providing better-trained professionals thus our partnership with Gebeya will enable us to provide businesses and corporates with better trained and professional quality assurance certifiers, software testers and engineers", Roland Omoresemi, CEO of Tezza Business Solutions, said further.

Under the agreement, Gebeya will work with Tezza Business Solutions to identify software quality assurance prospects and offer talent and software development services to Tezza as per need basis. Other aspects of the partnership include collaboration to offer training for DevOps to various companies in Enterprise Application, architecture and API Engineering.

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