Nigeria's Ministry of Health in partnership with GSMA Mobile for Development have launched 'mNutrition', a mobile technology solution to circulate nutrition information in Nigeria.

Speaking at the launch event, Professor Isaac Adewole, Nigeria's Minister of Health, explained that this one of the ways they believed they can leverage mobile phones to scale up health and nutrition outcomes in Nigeria as well as achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Nigeria.

Adewole also explained that the messages sent from mNutrition will typically focus on educational content geared towards improving nutritional practices such as the promotion of balanced diets, basic steps for improving nutritional content of locally available foods, encouraging exclusive breastfeeding of infants, and safe and appropriate complementary feeding of infants and young children.

It has been noted and is expected that the mNutrition solution will in future allow access to health and nutrition services.

Cover Image Credit: CS-SUNN | Twitter

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