Uber South Africa have announced that UberEATS, Uber's food delivery service, will soon be available in South Africa's capital city, Pretoria.

In South Africa, UberEATS was first launched in Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2016. The food delivery service has since started expanding to more locations in both cities.

Interestingly, UberEATS customers can order alcohol if the restaurant they are ordering from posseses an “off-premise” liquor licence and Uber also adds that it will check IDs of those buying alvccohol on delivery.

"We are getting requests from both eaters and restaurants in all major cities, requesting launch dates, and our goal is to be in all major cities by end of the year or early 2018," said "to Jambu Palaniappan, regional GM for UberEats in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

It is also interesting to note when ordering from UberEATS that the vehicles and drivers used are not your regular UberX or UberBLACK drivers or vehicles as we've accustomed to in South Africa. The drivers seem to be separately sourced outside the regular Uber pool of drivers and cars.

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