Uber have announced that theythey are rolling out their real-time ID check feature inito Egypt and South Africa to ensure drivers are verified before they can accept rides. Real-Time ID check will prompt Uber drivers to take and share a selfie before going online to ensure the driver using the app is the one registered with Uber to drive the specific vehicle.

It is expected that this new feature will bring a level of safety and comfort to Uber customers as it ensures that riders are not driven by drivers not on Uber's drivers database.

"It’s also a powerful tool that can improve safety and security in ways not possible before, and with riders and drivers in mind, we continually update our app to elevate our services. With Real-Time ID Check for drivers, we’re now using selfies as an added layer of protection for our app and this innovation benefits both our riders and drivers." said Uber in a statement announcing the roll-out.

Uber says the real-time ID check feature will peerioroiodically ask drivers to take a selfie using the Uber app before they accept rides. If the two photos do not match, the account is temporarily blocked while the company looks into the case.

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