Someone with the handle “SunTzu583”, a vendor on a marketplace on the dark web, is selling approximately (in different batches) a million Gmail and Yahoo accounts. The account details on sale are said to contain usernames, emails and clear text passwords with potential buyers being given a sample list to verify that the list is legitimate.

The prices for the lists start at approximately $10.75 (0.0079 Bitcoin) for a list of 100,000 Yahoo accounts.

The 100,000 hacked Yahoo accounts were acquired from a Last.FM breach in 2012, according to SunTzu583, which saw 43 million user accounts hacked and exposed only in 2016.

GMail Hacked Accounts

The hacked GMail accounts were also partly from the breach as well as being stolen from other places like Tumblr, Adobe, Dropbox, and others who suffered breaches between 2010 and 2016.

The release of these details is not new is all these breaches were not only reported publicly but the hacked passwords were also made publicly available on the web and dark web which could, to an extent, explain why SunTzu583 is asking as little as $10.75 for one of the lists.

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