I have said it a million times and many Nigerians and the whole world know this, we are not bereft of talent in Nigeria. The only thing holding us down is bad leadership via a colluding elite class which unfortunately is a product of our society which unfortunately that same colluding class will not be happy to change, but in all that, there are many ordinary Nigerians passionate to help salvage this country from the mess she has found herself in. In their silent corners, they keep thinking of how to make things better, articulating concepts to move the country forward just as many also keep discussing the issues with Nigeria (and Nigerians) in their separate chat rooms.

Jacobs Edo comes along as one of those that have had their own passion boil up to the point where he had to spend some of his expensive time to put down in writing, frameworks for the progress of his fatherland, Nigeria.

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Nigeria has him to thank for his work โ€œDigital Transformation โ€“ Evolving a digitally enabled Nigerian public serviceโ€, a book that articulates a complete policy framework to set Nigeria apart like so many of her peers around the world.

I personally have read the book and can appreciate the vision after he broke it down for laymen like us and this would be the second time I have come across such bright minds who are able to set out a vision that can transform the way we work to bring in efficiency, transparency, and speed.

I remain ever grateful to Jacobs Edo for my first introduction to the concept of โ€œblockchainโ€, a concept I now began to notice in many publications interestingly immediately after reading about it in his book (just like you begin to notice a particular brand of car once you make the decision to buy it for yourself or someone). He says the blockchain technology can be described as a distributed payment database in which every member of such a network has a copy of the same digital ledger and there is a regular update of the ledger as soon as a transaction is complete. The concept underpins the bitcoin crypto-currency which the whole Nigeria or at least the three million that are into MMM can relate to as the promoter have recently opted to pay participants via that route such that I read recently the head of Google in Nigerian have attributed a high percentage of Internet searches to be about the concept.

Other catch phrases I learned were Big Dataโ€, Internet of Things and other IT jargon.

The advantages of the implementation of such a framework is not far fetched as it will encourage the fight against corruption (similar to the BVN checkmating some corrupt people with multiple looting accounts), ensure the government is able to plan with correct data (not the contested census or INEC figures we have had to deal with all along) and open up multiple opportunities for SMEโ€™s.

If you are wondering whether the reading is technical or hard, worry no more, because the guy was pretty good as he started with some history lessons from around the world that make for an interesting read.

Cover Image Credit: Yaba, Lagos | Wikipedia

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