Mozilla Corporation have announced the acquisition of Read It Later, Inc., the developers behind popular save-for-later app Pocket. This will see Pocket become a wholly owned subsidiary of Mozilla Corporation, and will become part of the Mozilla open source project.

Pocket currently has more than 10 million active monthly registered users, and it is used for saving interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment.

Pocket is already integrated into the Mozilla browser, where it renders pages more 'readable' by removing clutter. This acquisition will likely see more features added on to the Mozilla browser and the Pocket app.

"Pocket will join Mozilla’s product portfolio as a new product line alongside the Firefox web browsers with a focus on promoting the discovery and accessibility of high quality web content. Pocket’s core team and technology will also accelerate Mozilla’s broader Context Graph initiative.Mozilla Corporation

In a statement announcing the acquisition, the company said that they are doubling down on their mission to "keep the Internet healthy" and that Pocket is a strategic acquisition as it contributes to their strategy of growing their mobile presence and providing people everywhere with tools to discover and access web content.

“We believe that the discovery and accessibility of high-quality web content is key to keeping the internet healthy by fighting against the rising tide of centralization and walled gardens. Pocket provides people with the tools they need to engage with and share content on their own terms, independent of hardware platform or content silo, for a safer, more empowered and independent online experience.” said Chris Beard, CEO at Mozilla.

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