In the last five years, I have worked as a Digital Marketer for Nigerian startups in different verticals. I have managed campaign for travel, payment, food and delivery startups. These lessons are lessons I’ve learnt over the years.

Let’s begin shall we?

1. Grow Your Community

Building a community around a topic/industry/idea takes a lot of time and effort but once you win them over, you can sell them anything in that niche. So If I keep talking about soccer and publishing soccer-related content, I can eventually sell soccer merchandise, same goes for travel and art.

See: Social PrefectEatDrinkLagos and Nik-Nak. Social Prefect organises tours across Nigeria, EatDrinkLagos has their brunch and their bi-annual food festival. Nik-nak curates art and alternative content and has launched a great store.

2. Newsletters Are Bae

Last year, I got to manage a weekly newsletter and the response was amazeballs. You definitely want to include newsletters as part of your content delivery strategy. People get tons of emails everyday, so you want to keep your newsletter simple, straight to the point and include great content. Don’t forget to have popping headlines too.

See: EatDrinkLagos, TechCabal NewsletterDevcenter Newsletter for Nigerian developersThe SkimmSabirah and Stephanie Obi’s newsletters.

3. Word Count Is Very Important For SEO

For my first Search Engine Optimisation-led site in 2016, average word count was around 100 words per post. The site did very well and in no time began hitting 100K views a month. So I automatically assumed this would do great for other niches. Google was just laughing at me.

Turns out, if you’re in highly competitive niche, you want to hit at least 2000 words per blog post. I experimented with 800 words per post up from 100 words and traffic grew by over 100% every month. Even when I didn’t post at all.

4. Influencers Are Essential

We already know people do what they see other people do. Yes, it’s weird. I noticed that I would post a tweet and it’ll gather 0 interactions for 2 days. Next thing, a Twitter overlord quotes it and I’m hitting 200 interactions per hour.

If you’re running a targeted audience campaign on Twitter and Instagram, you should definitely get an Influencer in that niche to push your content from time to time.

5. Facebook Is Mad But We Love It

Facebook is actually mad and has no one to tell it. Facebook went from 'Engage your audience with better headlines’ to 'We will filter real news’ and threw publishers into another frenzy.

The moral of the whole story is engage your audience with native content (photos and videos) and a mix of links to your site. You’re good to go. You’ll see your Facebook reach and engagement increase.

6. Viral Content Requires Engagement

Because these articles are intended to be viral (due to emotion-trigger content), publishers thought all they had to do was create listicles and dump the links all over Social Media.

They’re all dying.

Engaging with your target audience via native content is super important. Those are the lessons I’ve learnt in my short career as a Digital Marketer in Lagos, Nigeria. If you’ve got questions or anything you’ll like to share, please leave a comment.

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