With ICANN having gone ahead to delegate .Africa gTLD registry responsibilities to South Africa's ZA Central Registry (ZACR) following a California Superior Court ruling against DotConnectAfrica, ZACR have said they will begin selling .Africa top level domains on 04 April 2017 for intellectual property rights holders and premium name applicants.

โ€œGeneral availability should commence on 4 July, and this is when the general public can apply for their .africa domain names,โ€Lucky Masilela, CEO at ZACR

.Africa domains will be sold through a wholly owned subsidiary of ZACR named Registry Africa. The Sunrise phase of the domain sales is said to be going to be open to intellectual property rights holders, while the Landrush phase will see domain sales being open to premium domain names. Both the Sunrise and Landrush domain sales phases are expected to kick-off on 04 April 2017.

Public .Africa domain sales are expected to start on 04 July 2017.

โ€œAll attempts to stall the public availability of the .Africa geographic Top Level Domain have failed and itโ€™s now time to create the next chapter in the .Africa story,โ€ said Lucky Masilela, CEO at ZACR.

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