DotConnectAfrica’s second motion to stop the delegation of the .AFRICA top-level domain to South Africa’s ZA Central Registry has been rejected. This decision was made by a California Superior Court in Los Angeles, and it leaves ICANN free to proceed with the delegation of the .AFRICA generic top-level domain to ZA Central Registry.

Superior Court of California Litigation

Superior Court of California Order Denying DotConnectAfrica, Plaintiff, Motion To Suspend Delegation of .Africa gTLD by ICANN

In reaching the decision, the court stated that the “public interest also weighs in favour of denying the (DCA) injunction, because the delay in the delegation of the .Africa gTLD is depriving the people of Africa the opportunity of having their own gTLD”. This means that (unless DotConnectAfrica finds another way to delay this process) ICANN will likely continue delegating the .Africa gTLD responsibilities to ZACR and we can (hopefully in a few months) start registering .Africa domains.


The saga behind the jostle for .Africa dates back to 2014 where during the ICANN 49 meeting held in Singapore a "Registry Agreement (RA) between Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) for the delegation and administration of the .africa (dotAfrica) Top Level Domain (TLD) was concluded".

But the celebrations didn't last long as dotConnectAfrica (DCA) lodged a complaint alleging unfair treatment of its application to be the registry of choice for .Africa. For over three years this has carried on with numerous litigations and challenges by DCA but the matter seems to have finally been concluded with the dismissal of DCA's motion by the Superior Court of California.

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