Uber have announced free nyama choma (grilled / roast meat meals) deliveries for anyone who is successful with their #UberCHOMA request between 12pm (noon) and 14h00 on Friday 10 February) in Nairobi’s Westlands and Town areas and Mombasa.

![Roast by Carnvore](https://2q72xc49mze8bkcog2f01nlh-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/kenya/wp-content/uploads/sites/210/2017/02/ROAST_BY-CARNIVORE-LOGO-3-300x300.jpg)

The promotion in Nairobi, or rather what seems to be an “experiment” is in partnership with “Roast by Carnivore”. We say this is likely an experiment as Uber have already launched UberEATS in Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa) and are likely looking to either test demand for food delivery or onboard potential customers for food delivery services in Nairobi. But then again, what do we know, we are mere mortals and not soothsayers.

Nom nom nom.

According to Uber, this is <a href-"https://newsroom.uber.com/kenya/uberchoma-in-mombasa/" target="_blank">how it will work:

  • Open the Uber app between 12PM (noon) – 2PM on Friday, February 10
  • Tap the UberCHOMA banner at the bottom of the screen
  • Request an UberCHOMA
  • If your request is successful, a driver will arrive at your location with free Nyama Choma
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