Brandchat is one of the latest tools that is looking to transform how customers and businesses interact. The tool works across multiple messaging platforms including WeChat, Facebook, Telegram and Kik.

The motivation for BrandChat, according to director, Peter Matthaei, is partly because nearly everybody is already on chat.

"We want to make it as simple and natural to get in touch with a business as it is to get in touch with friends. Starting a chat is quicker than downloading an app, more immediate and cheaper than making a phone call, and simpler than figuring out a complex website."Peter Matthaei, BrandChat

"Businesses are now more accessible to their customers. Imagine being able to open your favourite chat app like Facebook Messenger or WeChat, and start a customer support conversation with the business right there. No hold times. No transfers. And it uses little or no airtime," Matthaei explained.

BrandChat has a unified dashboard that is said to allow businesses to "create and manage a bot as well as do its customer support across all supported chat apps in one place" among many other features.

"We all reach for a chat app whenever we want to get in touch with a friend. Now imagine you could do the same when you want to get in touch with a company. BrandChat ensures faster, relevant responses, better and more valuable customer relationships as well as consolidated reporting and measurement," Matthaei concluded.

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