Slack, a team messaging tool worth about $3 billion, has changed the way groups communicate and is sure kicking the email’s behind.

Slack is more business oriented than some group communication apps, and it comes with many features that new users may find daunting, like using the forward slash to initiate a function, or mentioning a whole channel so that everyone gets notified.

The perceived complexity of Slack leaves a lot of people starry-eyed, and they end up just sticking to the basics, missing out on the app's full potential. Slack lets you do lots of things besides chatting and managing groups. You can also share photos, music and documents, throw in a gif or two, or even initiate a call from inside the app.

Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman,'s Head of Communications and PR, shared some tips with us on how to squeeze out even more juice from it based on his interaction with the app at his workplace:

At where I work, we use the simple thumbs up and down emojis for taking polls on all things from painting a particular room white or grey to deciding on the office party date.

Sometimes, the ridiculous option wins, but who doesn’t like a 4-day long party :)

One of the best feature of Slack is that it can be fused with several third party apps, so if you work at a tech company or have a good IT department, you can talk to them about integrating IFTTT bots into your Slack. This bot helps to perform simple but repetitive tasks that eat up your time and resources. One great way that it can be put to use is collecting food orders.

Whatever it is that your company does, I can bet my left arm that you deal with money. So, what if you had a system that could alert your finance team on Slack every single time that there was a credit alert? Well, you can, as Neo, the Chief Technology Officer at, explains.

Several companies work with remote staff. For instance, at iAfrikan, we've got Eric the editor in Nairobi, Tefo the CEO in Johannesburg, and a couple of writers in Kampala, Cape Town, Dubai, and me in Lagos.

As Jogbojogbo explains, channels are useful for instantly communicating with your team wherever they are, and tracking what they're working on. Using Slack, working hour logs can be made and monitored easily.

There is always a dedicated channel for the office trolls that flood the Slack with memes and terrible jokes, but how about creating a library channel? Somewhere where you can learn a thing or two daily, and even bond over the new things learnt. You should try it.

The fun ways to use Slack are only limited by your creativity.

Do you have any more fun tips? Please share.

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