WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, looks like it is set to let users revoke or edit messages that they have already sent.

WhatsApp have added the ability to edit and revoke messages that have already been sent as part of a feature that is currently available only in the WhatsApp Beta for iOS

![WhatsApp Revoke Edit Message Screenshot](/content/images/2017/01/IMG_20170102_135605.jpg)
WhatsApp Revoke / Edit Message Screenshot | WABetaInfo

The feature is currently only to Apple iPhone owners with access to the early release WhatsApp beta software. Reports from users with access to the beta software indicate that the feature is disabled by default with users having to enable it through the WhatsApp settings menumen. Once enavbled, a user can press and hold on a sent message within the Apple iOS version of WhatsApp, and they will then see two new options in the small menu that pops up - edit and revoke.

As is relatively self-explanatory, the edit option will let a user change the content of the message, while the revoke feature lets a user recall the message from the recipient's phone, effectively deleting the message. There is a slight catch though, a user can only revoke the message if the recipient hasn't read the message.

For most Afrikans, on Android based phones, these features are not yet available but we hope it is only a matter of time before we can be saved embarassment from cringeworthy WhatsApp messages by being able to edit or revoke them in the near future.

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