Too tired to type out 'ice cream', 'pizza' or 'burger'? You can now tweet at the @Google twitter account using an emoji, and the search engine will reply to your tweet with the relevant location-based results of where to eat or hang out depending on the emoji you used.

For example, you can tweet an ice cream emoji like we did.

After a short moment, Google's twitter account will respond with all the close by ice cream shops if you click on the link in the tweet.

Google have apparently built in interactions for over 200 different emojis which range from food to local activities. The feature definitely doesn't apply to all emoji as some emoji come with the twitter account asking you to search for something.

Emoji search on twitter seems to be part of Google’s efforts to promote local search results given how every result tweet is accompanied by the #KnowNearby hashtag.

Nifty. Fun. Will it last. or will it turn out to be a gimmick?

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