The 2017 edition of the Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) will take place at the Strathmore University from 13-16 February 2017, bringing together entrepreneurs, bankers, investors, fund managers, foundations, development and international finance institutions from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and America

AFIF is an annual business event organized in the framework of EMRC international activities, with the aim of strengthening the private sector in Africa, encouraging entrepreneurship and attracting investment to the African continent.

The forum is organized by EMRC, a Belgium-based network of entrepreneurs, financiers, consultants and officials based throughout the world, with a mission to promote sustainable economic development through entrepreneurship and to drive regional change through partnerships.

β€œDuring the AFIF training session, entrepreneurs will be asked to begin with the fundamental question of why their businesses exist. We will then provide practical guidance on how entrepreneurs can unleash the potential of their ventures in order to realize their business ambitions. We will also look at the key elements that make for a strong business proposition", Yvette Ingabire, a Manager at ESPartners and one of the Session expert trainers, said.

"we’ve come to realize that accessing financing and presenting appealing projects is a major challenge", Idit Miller, the EMRC Managing Director, added. This, she explained, is why AFIF was started in the first place, and also why the forum has a US$10,000 award that recognizes projects being carried out by existing small and medium businesses in Africa.

The award, known as the AFIF – Rabobank Entrepreneurship Award, is co-named with the Rabobank Foundation, whose Rabo Rural Fund supports farming cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) in developing countries.

Entrepreneurs from all over Africa are invited to the forum to discuss their projects, ideas and businesses with experts and learn more about the different financing options available to them. They can also participate in the interactive debates, the B2B meetings and the two-day pre-Forum training on how to scale entrepreneurial ventures.

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