On 14 & 15 October 2016, Indigitous Johannesburg 2016 took place in the Kempton Park suburb of Johannesburg. The main theme of the Indigitous 2016 Conference was "Moving from Information to Experience".

Miheret Tilahun explains what Indigitous Johannesburg 2016 was all about.

As Africans, we've long had a culture of storytelling and sharing experiences. For a long period of time, African cultures have already been β€œsharing”, β€œliking” and β€œposting” their experiences, richness of culture and treasured memories through storytelling, communal living and modelling the way; long before social media platforms were popular.

"Now the world is ready to embrace what Africa has known all along – having information is not enough we must experience it through each other."

It was the aim of Indigitous Johannesburg 2016 to demonstrate that, thanks to digital platforms and strategies, reaching out, sharing the Christian faith and evangelising to others can now be done faster and further from the comfort and ease of our mobile devices.

The conference saw people from over 10 different African countries and beyond Africa who are passionate about reaching others with the Gospel gather at Indigitous Jo’burg 2016 which was hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa.

![Renier Groenewald - EveryStudent](/content/images/2016/10/renier-everystudent.jpg)
Renier Groenewald presenting a case study of EveryStudent.com at Indigitous Johannesburg 2016.

The conference explored how to use digital resources to revive and renew a culture of Information to Experience in spreading the Christian Gospel.

Various speakers were present to give case studies on some of the projects they are working on as well as advice participants on various digital strategies, topics ranged from "Branding the Christian experience" to "Afrikan Solutions to Afrikan Problems".

![Indigitous Hack 2016](/content/images/2016/10/makedisciples.jpg)

Indigitous will be continuing with their work of using digital strategies and services to spread the Gospel and help people in need as they will be holding Indigitous #Hack 2016 in various cities across the world. Thus far the announced cities for the Indigitous #Hack in Africa are Addis Ababa, Hawassa and Lagos.

The challenges participants have to solve using digital services range from identifying, preventing and stopping cyberbullying of children up to and including using sentiment analysis to identify music that invites people to worship.

To find out more and to register, visit the Indigitous #Hack 2016 website.

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