The Angolan economy is mostly dependent on it’s most sorted for natural resource, oil, and recently the high price for oil has impacted the African country's economy negatively.

This seems not to be the case for Angolan software developers, this might be a very good time.

Until the recent crisis most Angolan companies outsourced developers from outside the country (Portugal, Brazil etc) and local software development companies were left in the cold.

Recently though things have changed mostly due to the fact that it is now more expensive to pay software developers from outside the country. Meaning that now there will be an influx of mobile applications, websites and other I.T systems being produced entirely by local Angolan companies.

This might spark an interest in entrepreneurs starting software development companies as well as strong competition between local companies.

In turn the companies which return the best value will keep on the fore because of their higher quality work.

As a software developer based in Angola, I am eager to see how this will affect the country in the long term.

β€œOpportunity is sometimes born from bad events and circumstances, We should make the best of it.”

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