Boredom has its fiends.

Mostly anyone gets bored. Sometimes it’s having time to spare but not knowing what to do with it, or sometimes it’s just doing something that’s not enjoyable.

Being bored, in a more descriptive way, sucks.

This is not something that comes out of choice, as evidenced by how we quickly get sucked by these small devices we uphold to our faces everyday, poking, swiping, tapping and, most recently, 3D touching. It’s become the goto for being bored, the quickest way to get yourself occupied in a long, boring waiting line.

So it’s also safe to say smartphones have made it easier for us to carry around the quickest way to an escape, a way to immerse ourselves in a parallel and equally present world. It’s right there, just sitting a few screen taps away.

One other thing is set to change this, maybe take it a step further. Supposedly, this device will become the closest and most immersive it gets to an entirely different world. It mostly goes by the name VR or virtual reality, a concept that has long been a dream and that just recently took off in a more consumer-friendly direction. But as evidenced by this video, this future might be far much grimmer than anyone could possibly imagine.

Virtual Reality is set to take center stage in the near future, which is to say 2016, and as consumer versions hit stores more people will likely have access to the device, which will hopefully translate to them being ubiquitous.

Mark Zuckerberg at Samsung VR event

Mark Zuckerberg walks to the stage at the Samsung Galaxy S7 launch event. | Facebook

Right now, the consumer version has mostly been popular with enthusiasts amongst other curious users and soon, that might be a totally different story, with possibly anyone rocking a huge box on their face. It might skyrocket and create another boom like the hoverboard market, or not.

At least, that’s the idea, an idea that Facebook has chosen to back with a 3 million deal they sealed when they bought Oculus, a VR headset, and content company.

The short film by Uncanny Valley imagines the world where virtual reality is all there is to, well, reality.

I usually prefer to say this when talking about VR often:

"The more immersed we are, the less likely to be in the present moment. The less likely to we are to be in the moment, the more isolated we become."

I could be wrong, and we could be more connected with VR than ever but there’s a higher chance it could be the former.

Either way, this is far more interesting to look forward to and despite any dark outcome, it could revolutionize the way we consume content.

Cover Image by Zac Chapepa | Originally Published on Medium

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