On 10 February 2016, iAfrikan in conjunction with KENIC TLD and ICANNWiki co-sponsored a workshop on Citizen Journalism in Nyandarua, Kenya.

Citizen Journalism Workshop

This workshop was hosted by Nyandarua Youth Empowerement Trust (NYENTRUST), with the collaboration of Centre for Youth Empowerment and Leadership (CYEL), a youth ICT initiative founded by iAfrikan writer Bonface Witaba.

The overarching aim of this workshop was to promote citizen journalism through the use of digital media tools among the youth in Nyandarua County, as well as inspire them become part of iAfrikan through the writing of compelling innovation stories from Kenya.

Citizen Journalism Workshop Team
The Team that ran the Citizen Journalism Workshop

The main reason iAfrikan took an interest to support this initiative is owing Kenya’s potential as an epitome of technological innovation.

Statistically, Kenya is one of the countries that continues to experience a rapid growth of Internet users on the continent.

As of 2015, a Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) report indicated that there were about 28 million Internet users. In the year preceding this, the figure stood at 16 million users. This is to say that Internet penetration has grown by 47%, with an annual growth of 75%.

If these statistics are anything to go by, then technically it can be deduced that the Internet in Kenya can be a vital tool for bloggers in the dissemination of news thus empower citizens and create open knowledge societies.

Gracing this event was the county ward administrator for Njabini area Hon. John Mwangi, who gave a key note speech on β€œThe role of Nyandarua County government in ICT development among the youth”.

Hon. Mwangi hailed the initiative terming it an ideal platform to empower youth. He urged the participants who are youth writers and bloggers to put digital at the core of their creative writing.

iAfrikan writer Bonface Witaba on his part was handy to take the participants through an Introduction to Citizen journalism, Elements of Digital storytelling, and last but not least the iAfrikan writers platform.

Participants - Citizen Journalism
Participants listening attentively to presentations.

In the last analysis, given the right partnerships, iAfrikan is willing to perpetuate similar initiatives in Africa (having started in Kenya) in the quest give voices to the youth and empower them to write and tell their stories.

iAfrikan believes citizen journalism is the future of innovative reporting in Africa.

Cover Image, Vote for 2016 Citizen Journalism Workshop for Youth | Bonface Witaba

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