The Angolan technology community is in its infancy and just beginning to take its first steps in this ever changing and expanding technology jungle.

A predominantly Portuguese speaking country, Angola is giving birth to its very first tech startups and thanks to organizations like KiandaHub and competitions like Seed Stars World these startups and the country itself are finally being put on the technology map.

Young people are starting to realize the potential technology has to solve problems, change their lives and perhaps even the condition of the downward spiral of the economy that is mostly focused on oil.

Amarildo Lucas, the CEO of the Angolan based startup Beezon, focusing on digital products for the Angolan market is about to release the countries first ever podcast series for entrepreneurs, programmers and designers called NegΓ³cios de Software (The business of software) where they can learn about startups, software development and design.

NegΓ³cios de Software

The project will kick of by the end of February 2016 and have the most talented designers, entrepreneurs and software developers to share knowledge and their experiences in their respective fields. It will be available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Although the Angolan tech community is still in it's infancy,now thanks to Beezon's podcast it will soon have a voice of it's own.

Hopefully greater things will happen during 2016 for this African country.

Originally appeared on: Beezond blog

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