Since mobile telephones and especially smartphones have come into our lives, we have grown lazier.

I don’t mean to insult us humans, but you have to admit it, it doesn’t matter that we own these phones, and they are inanimate, but we usually almost have seizures when confronted with situations in which we have to do without our smartphones. I’m pretty sure that gun to the head, some people will pick their gadgets over their spouses.


Here are some of the things that we humans have forgotten how to do thanks to smartphones and the internet.


A lot of us have forgotten how to have real life conversations.


We are so caught up in chatting on apps and social media that we do not even call, which is the next best alternative to real life conversations.


Thanks to autocorrect, a vast majority of smartphone users have forgotten how to spell, even the simplest words.


University professor or school dropout, everyone is guilty.


Except your own birthday, most can’t remember the birth dates of most of their friends and acquaintances.


However, thanks to Facebook and phone reminders, one still gets to send that birthday text when the clock strikes twelve.

Phone Numbers

Most people can’t seem to keep phone numbers in their heads.


I mean, that’s what smartphones are for, right?

So, your mother’s number or that of your spouse or your own for that matter don’t really have to be memorised.


This is no joke; most people can’t even remember what their handwriting looks like anymore. All the years learning how to write in margins in Nursery school have gone to waste.


Nowadays, we spend so much time typing on our smartphones or PCs that we have forgotten how to take pen to paper.

Got any other things mobile technology has changed about you?

Do share.

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