As founder of Bitfyr and software developer building a new product called Moments that solves a problem in my country, Angola, I had to focus on so many elements at the same time. Things like researching the market to find out if the product might be viable in the country, actually designing and building the product and growing the community prior to the product launch.

Moments Landing Page

One of the things I did to build the community was to create a landing page describing the product and that allowed interested parties to be beta testers when the product reaches beta stage and I embedded the products facebook page for page visitors to be part of the growing community.

Nothing new under the sun here but one of the questions I wanted to answer was how do I use these mediums to their full potential?

Which pages do users spend the most time on? How much time do users spend on the landing page?

How could I improve the landing page so that I get more sign ups?

β€œHe who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.β€β€Šβ€”β€ŠChinese proverb

So as any human in the 21st century would do when faced with questions of this nature, I went to the Oracle, typed my question and took the blue pill.

Google Matrix

I did some research on tools that could help me answer the aforementioned questions. At that moment an apple fell on my head and for a few seconds second I knew exactly how Isaac Newton felt many hundreds of years ago.

I got an email from product hunt about Hotjar the hottest new CRO tool that reveals the online behavior and voice of website users. So I quickly signed up and linked the product landing page to hotjar, set up heatmaps and the recording feature so I can analyze how visitors interacted with the landing page.


I was amazed at how visitors were actually interacting with the site and their location. The target market for the product is Angola and as you can see I got views from people in Brazil France, China, United States of America, South Africa and Angola.

1. How Much Time Do Users Spend On The Landing Page?

I launched the landing page on 7 August 2015 and shared the link a few times on my facebook page, Twitter page and a few groups on facebook and enjoyed my weekend.

I returned on Sunday to checkup on hotjar and woah! Surprised I got a total over 1400 views in less than 48 hours. Okay it might be a little for most people but for the amount of work I did it seemed good enough. I tallied the total amount of time visitors spent on the page and got a value of 24, 057 seconds or 400 minutes (6 hours).

Hotjar 2

The average amount of time spent on the page was 55 seconds, the maximum was 6 minutes and 28 seconds. I was really interested in why some people spent more time and why some spent less time and how many of them actually signed up to the email form.

More surprises awaited me.

I noticed that a huge majority of visitors in Angola who spent the most time on the page did not sign up but were actually going through all the pages on the page.

Why would anyone spend 5 minutes on a landing page going through the page and not sign up?

Did they not see the sign up button because it was too small or not bright enough?

I am not quite sure but after viewing all of the recordings between the visitors and the site I came to the conclusion that it might be people who wanted to extract more information about the product but did not wish to support the app.

46 % of visitors signed up to the email list and the rest did not even though they spent a significant of time interacting with the website.

2. Which Platforms Spent The Most Time?

This was interesting and eye opening, maybe somewhat logical but still eye opening.

Users on mobile spent much less time on the page compared to desktop users. 100% of mobile visitors were using the android operating system and 70 % of desktop visors were running windows, 28% Linux and 2 % Mac.

Most of the visitors from Angola used Windows, of cause the Linux community here is weak. Microsoft is indeed dominating in Angola.

3. How Could I Improve The Landing Page?

Amount of sign ups could have been better.

Less than 47% signed up so I figured I could take advantage of those who signed up by displaying a little pop up box after they signed up with a link to our facebook page and our website which they could share with someone who they think would be interested in using the product.

I am yet to implement that but I believe it could give an extra boost in sign ups.

All in all, I was able to understand my users, know where they came from and find ways to improve the landing page and get more sign ups using a wonderful product called Hotjar be sure to try it on your own pages I know you will love it!

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