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1. This Is Not A Rehearsal


YOLO Barack Obama

Do stuff that makes you happy and fulfilled. The only moment you can control is now , not tomorrow or yesterday (stolen from a beer Ad in Uganda)

2. Don't Let Yourself Be Pushed Around

You matter!

So does your voice. People not being comfortable with that is honestly not your problem. "Sitya loss" like Eddy Kenzo sings.

3. Stay Foolish. Stay Learning

In Kampala (Uganda) a lot of folk stop learning as soon they walk out of university (this applies to both those who study at home and abroad).

Steve Jobs

People are always surprised to see me with calculus books, signing up for Coursera courses on philosophy or programming.

Learning is a way of understanding or comprehending the world around us. With better understanding, we can actually solve our problems.

4. Strike A Balance Between Reality And Your Dreams

Bills need to get paid, enough said.

5. Read Content Longer Than Tweets

Buy a good book. It costs much less than your partying budget. One book a month means 12 books a year.

![read a book](/content/images/2015/08/read-a-book.png)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will suprisingly not miss you.

6. Exercise

Exercise surprisingly increases your productivity and makes you a happier person.


7. Ask For What You Want

The result of this can be a "NO", but it can also be a "YES".


Take a chance either way.


8. Talk To People Offline More

Most problems are offline and not online.


I honestly love taking public transport (in Uganda) so much that I have developed a fear of driving cars.

9. Don't Become A Person Who Kungu-fu's With Their Mouth Rather Than Hands

In the tech startup scene in Kampala , there’s a lot of "talkers" and few people are afraid to get their hands dirty.

Kill Bill Kung Fu

10. Stop Worrying About How Much You Matter

There’s over seven billion people in the world, over 32 million in Uganda. If we looked up from space you honestly couldn’t see me.

How does one stop taking oneself too seriously? - Quora

Wake up every day trying to be the best you can, the world owes you nothing. For better understanding, read this.

11. Uganda Is Full Of Problems And Code Won’t Solve A Large Number Of Them

Code doesn’t solve problems but thinking does.

Computer science aims to teach thinking and writing code is the medium used.


Many programmers forget the thinking bit.

12. The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short

It's been over one and a half years since I joined the startup scene in Kampala.

The days are long but the decades are short

Writing my first solo django application in Kampala at the start of 2014, to joining Google in Dublin in July 2015 .

13. Be Kind To Everyone You Meet

People will forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

You don't know where people are coming from or where they are going.

14. Make more hard decisions.

Making decisions is like an olympic sport.

Ben Horowitz Quote

The more you practice at it, the better you become at it.

+ 1. Teams Win Titles. Not Individuals

I happened to randomly read this on a sports blog.

Egos need to be put side , talents brought together and the game played as hard as possible.

Pioneering Skills Crowdsourcing in Africa

Cover Image: Owino Market In Kampala | Jake Stimpson

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