Things have been quite somber and sad around South Africa for the past couple of weeks. Actually, they've been sad since January 2015.

What has been happening since January 2015 is South Africans (a small minority) have been intimidating, killing and damaging the property of non-South Africans (mainly from the rest of Africa but we have had a** report of Chinese owned property being burnt in Komatipoort**).

![Chinese Owned Shop Under Fire in Komatipoort](/content/images/2015/04/53_1_1429385328.jpg)

All these events, criminal activities by criminals who are predisposed to attacking people based on their nationality are sad, as such we (iAfrikan) have decided to take action in getting closer to stopping these xenophobic attacks.


Today iAfrikan has launched its attack against Xenophobia. We've released a platform on which YOU can report/view incidents of Xenophobia.


We need your help in making the platform a strong force to curb this evil. Whether potential or historical, let's report these incidents. The info can be used by others to avoid danger or for quicker response from South African Police.

Help us by spreading the message (click on any link) through any of the following methods (reporting by SMS will be available later this week):

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Feel free to also (importantly) spread this offline in your communities so people are aware.

You can also learn how the platform works through the video below.

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