The Lean Startup Machine Johannesburg Workshop on 31 October to 02 November 2014 was an experience and a half for me, it was life changing.

I had previously read Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup and had also listened to the audio version of the book. My impression of the concept and methodology was straight-forward, that it is an academic concept. Fortunately I had also come across Alberto Savioa’s Prototype It and my love for starting up lean was affirmed.

Well, still, I had an academic flair to starting up lean, it was not tangible.

It happened that Standard Bank was a Platinum Sponsor of the Lean Startup Machine Johannesburg workshop and I was one of the lucky few to grab a free ticket to the workshop held at JoziHub.

Honestly speaking, I would have let it pass if I had to pay from my pocket given my experience to the concept through the book; as much as I believe starting up lean is great, not only because I agreed and loved Alberto Savioa’s Prototype-It, but also that I still owe my investor/lender from my last startup failure and was looking for alternative approach.


Well, I termed it luck but not everyone raised their hands when the opportunity was presented to over 24 000 Standard Bank Employees to grabbing free tickets, I knew that my search for the alternative pushed me to give it a shot.

My experience with the Lean Startup Machine Workshop is simple, it is that I am a life time committed agent of Lean Startup Machine, I will make it my mission to make sure that every entrepreneur I know, knows the benefits of this great and life changing workshop, it is in fact a must for any entrepreneur and intrapreneur.

During the workshop I was granted the platform to actually get out of the building and challenge my assumptions about what people need, I managed to fail fast and within three days I was successful.

Well, success is guaranteed in this practical startup tool, you will either succeed in launching a successful business or allowing a flop to rest; either way you look at it, it is success, it is more like the saying: “You can never open a book without learning”.

I have coined a saying:

You can never use the Lean Startup Machine and FAIL.

One of the greatest less mentioned benefits of the Lean Startup Machine Johannesburg workshop is networking.

The people I met at the event are definitely the people to keep in touch with. I must say, these are the kind of people I want to play golf with.

Editor's Note: Gaoretelwe was part of Team Muti Hub. The team initially formed to launch Black Herbal Tea but were quickly invalidated and had to pivot several times until arriving at a validated solution that formed the basis of Muti Hub. The team continues to pursue the business further.

Lean Startup Machine Johannesburg is coming back in 1st Quarter of 2015.

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