Editor's Note: We ran an article (PR Mistakes Tech Startups Must Avoid. This article is an example of a Press Release that grabs attention, courtesy of Mike Butcher: Editor-At-Large and Co-Founder of TechCrunch.

Someone just sent me an actually informative press release.

Clear, to the point, no attachments, key info up front.

Here is the ideal press release format:

Hi Mike,

I am working with a company called COMPANYNAME at the moment and they have just closed a round of funding for expansion in the UK and US markets (which currently account for over 50% of their business) that takes the total funding for the company to $X million.

We'd love to offer TechCrunch the exclusive.

COMPANYNAME (www.COMPANYNAME.com and CrunchBase profile
http://www.crunchbase.com/company/COMPANYNAME) has developed a powerful technology that allows businesses and professionals to easily etc.

They currently have close to 1 million clients across 70 countries and offer localized app solutions in six different languages.

Their main competitors are:


The full press release is pasted below and their logo can be found here:

A few key stats - the company currently:

  • develops around X,000 apps a month
  • has increased revenues by 40% over the last 6 months
  • counts the US and Uk as its 2 biggest markets followed by Brazil and Italy

Your colleague Darrell Etherington covered their first round of funding in 2012.

Here's the URL....

So TechCrunch has a history of covering this company.

All the best



COMPANYNAME Acquires New Funding Round From VC

London, 16th April 2014 - VC COMPANY, a European
technology-focused Venture Capital firm, today announced a new round
of funding for COMPANYNAME, a company which


Cover Image Credit: K2 Space

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